Here I’ll share my experience during these three months where I studied to take the AWS CSAP (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional). I hope this text helps everyone that is thinking to try it.

The AWS CSAP is intended for individuals who perform a Solutions Architect role. So, you’ll see a lot of questions where you need to understand which are the best products for a determinate scenario, and how they work together to deliver a solution having the right mindset; cost, security, performance, etc. it depends on what the question is asking – so, pay attention. In the professional level, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the AWS products, different from the associate level, where the test does not to go deep into the products.

Keep in mind: The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is a requirement for AWS CSAP.

Well, the first step is to understand which are the necessary knowledge that you need to pass, and the best way to start is to read the exam guide.

Following the exam guide, you’ll find eight domains to study. Each domain has a group of products that you need to know and a design pattern that you have to understand. I followed the above list during my study (reading in sequence).

During the process of reading the docs above, I did two courses: Linux Academy and Cloud Guru. Linux Academy is an excellent course with a lot of details and hands-on labs. If you need to choose only one, my recommendation does the Linux Academy course. The Cloud Guru is didactic, explanations are simple to understand, and has organized classes, but there aren’t hands-on labs, and the exam simulation is weak compared to the real exam. I recommend reading the forum from both sites because every day has tips related to the subject and links that help a lot to improve the study process.

Keep in mind: The courses aren’t sufficient to pass the exam, you need to read the documentation and do hands-on labs.

So, studying two or three hours per day for three months, I was able to pass the exam. I desire for everyone that will try it, good luck!

Alberto Silva

Alberto Silva

Cloud Architect at Itaú Unibanco
I have over 15 years of experience working in the field of technology, and the last 5 years working with cloud computing. Currently, I work as Cloud Architect, and I’m one of the technical leaders responsible for the evolution of the hybrid cloud in one of the largest banks in the world.

Previously, I worked in reference companies in the area of ​​technology. Where I helped support, develop and deploy various technology solutions related to cloud, virtualization and IT infrastructure.
Alberto Silva

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